2022-05-01: Class and Bindel OH canceled for 05/02.

2022-04-26: Class tomorrow (4/27) will be on Zoom.

2022-03-06: Second correction, change subtraction in p2b to an addition

2022-03-05: Corrected version is posted (only significant fix is changing a function name, p3b to p2c)

2022-03-04: Midterm is posted! Due March 14.

2022-02-26: HW3 and term project idea prompts posted (due March 7). Proj 1 due date moved back to March 4. See the updated prompt!

2022-02-18: Lecture today is asynchronous / on Canvas. No office hours today.

2022-02-04: Snow day (until noon)! Cornell policy says online courses are also canceled in the event of a snow day, so no lecture this morning.

2022-01-20: Zoom is set up! Access via the Cornell Only tab at the top of the page.

2022-01-20: Plenty of room if you want to sign up for the 5000-level version of the class, but you'll need to add yourself to the waitlist.

2022-01-06: Lectures through Jan 4 will be via Zoom per university guidelines.

2022-01-04: Welcome to CS 4220!