Due March 7

Only for those of you taking this course as 5223!

The goal of this project is to find a paper that describes a numerical algorithm, implement it in Julia, do something to test your implementation, and write a short discussion. For this deadline, I just want a couple sentences about things that you might like to explore.

If you have a paper in mind already, that’s great! If not, that is also fine. It is fine to also propose something that is well documented in textbooks, which is surely the case for some classic papers. If you do this, you should try to find one of the original papers, and maybe comment on the presentation differences between the original paper and the modern textbook version. It is also fine to implement and comment on one algorithm in a paper that discusses several methods.

For those of you who are working on research projects, I’m happy to work with you to find something relevant to your research.

Some places to look for ideas:

All of these are available via the university library system, and the links above all use the library proxy. You might also enjoy looking through this list of classic papers in numerical analysis compiled by Nick Trefethen.