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The CMS system will be used for assignment handouts, test script distribution, and submission.


 Test Scripts, Given Files

Solutions (Average Scores in Parenthesis)

 A1  A1.pdfA1DCT, A1JPEG, Quant, Trim, GoldenGate.jpg (4.7), (4.3)
 A2   A2.pdf, HadCheck, ShowRange2m ShowSigUVn SigUVn,(3.1)  HadSolve(4.1) HadSolveFlops, ShowRange1(4.8), ChebyInterp (3.9)
 A3 FinalA3.pdf, ShowBeam, LDLTpiv, Beam1(4.3), Beam2 (4.2), NegCurve (3.5), MySPD (4.5), MyGEN (4.5)
 A4 A4.pdf, P1, ShowTransits FindZeros(4.4), P1Solve, Sideline(4.3), P2Solve,Transits (2.9), P3Solve
 A5  A5.pdfShowSOR, RandomSurveyor, Show2CholInc ShowTrigFit     ShowSOR (4.4)  cholIncMem (4.2),TrigFit (3.8) , SurveyorTopo (4.0)
 A6  A6.pdf , ShowBigEVec   eigCentro, (4.1) ShowCentro, eigBorder, (3.2) ShowBorder, BigEVec, (3.3) ShowBigEvec
 A7  A7.pdf, ShowClosest2E   InvEig (4.6), DataSparse, (2.8) Closest2E (6.1)
 A8  A8.pdf, A8.m  GradeIt (6.3)  ErrorPlot ThreeCircleCVL Demo Mars Earth DailyAngle ShowDailyAngle

Uphold the  Academic Integrity Policy.