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May 5. The final exam is Wed, May 14   9:00-11:30 AM   Malott Hall 228-Bache Auditorium. Contact me at once if you have a conflict with another exam.

May 5. Course evaluations are very important. To prompt a high-response rate, 5 points will be deducted from your final exam score if you do not submit a course evaluation. (The registrar supplies me with a list of who responded. I see the evaluations later in the summer with (of course) no names attached.)

May 5 Here is the 2013 Final and its solution.

April 21 There was some bad notation in the original write-up of problem 3 in Assignment 7. This has been corrected and you can download the revised pdf here.

April 10 Typo in A6 handout  just after equation (2). Should be (Delta - lambda*I )x = 0.

Mar 21  A5 Stuff. There is now a test script ShowTrigFit for the third problem. A typo on the handout has been corrected on Piazza. The corrected handout is on the website.

Mar 11 TheA4 solutions (without grading guide) are available.

Mar 7 Here is an old prelim. Here is another but skip problem 2. Monday's class will be a Q&A review

Mar 4. We have an in-class midterm Wednesday, March 12.

Mar 4  Our final exam is Wed, May 14, 9:00-11:30AM.   Your leaving-for-the-summer travel arrangements must respect this date.

Mar 3 Assignment 4 is ready.

Feb 24 OK. the FINAL version of is up there with comments in ShowSparseChol that correctly indicate what the permutations do. To solidify your permutation matrix skill set, you should take a look at  ShowPermutationOps.m, which is part of the zip file.

Feb 22 There were some misleading comments in ShowSparseChol which have been corrected.This m-file is part of You can ignore this comment if you haven't started working on A3.

Feb 21 The final version of Assignment 3 is ready. The due date has been moved to Saturday, March 1.

Feb17 Assignment 3 is ready.

Feb 4 Assignment 2 is ready.

Jan 30 About the Current Assignment To ensure that the educational objectives are the assignment are realized, you are only allowed to you the Matlab functions ones, size, length, round, cos, kron, and reshape. A little bit about the grading scheme. You are to submit 4 functions each worth 5 points. It will be -2 in DCT8 and IDCT8 if they are not fully vectorized. It will be -1 in JPEG and IJPEG if they are not fully vectorized.

Jan 29 About CMS. Practice uploading files NOW. Do not wait until Sunday nite. If you are working with a partner, make sure you tell CMS.

Jan 29 About partners. It is a great dynamic if you are your partner are at roughly the same "level" and you truly collaborate. Having a partner works against you if you treat it as a way to halve the work or if you and your partner differ in how hard you find the problems.

Jan 29 About solution output. I will never let on what the solution output is supposed to be. Doing so reduces the value of the assignment. Inspire confidence in your solution through careful testing and by stepping through the logic of your method. Not by seeing if your output agrees with somebody else's output.

Jan 29 About commenting. Make your submitted m-files readable. For now, err on the side of over-commenting. And remember, well-commented code helps you reason about your method.

Jan 27. TA Office hours are here. They start this Tuesday.

Jan 23 If you are Matlab rusty, then you might structure your review by looking at RandomEllipse.m, MakeEllipse.m, Fit.m, DisplayEllipse.m, and DisplayData.m. These are associated with the Jan 22 POD. Understand how they work.

Jan 23  Assignment 1 is ready.