CS 4154: Analytics-driven Game Design

Assignment 8
Midterm Peer Evaluations

Due: Thursday, October 19th at 11:59 pm

Purpose: We want to check in with all team members to verify that everyone is contributing sufficiently to the project. Our intention is to make sure we know about problems while there is still time to address them. Our goal is not to create divisions between team members. Feedback will be kept private; however, we may need to anonymously refer to comments made here as part of our justification for individual midterm progress reports.

Part 1: Self-report

For each of the following deadlines, please describe the work you completed. Please mention all work completed, regardless of whether or not it was included in the submitted game prototype.


  1. Throwaway Prototype
  2. Alpha Prototype
  3. Beta Prototype

Part 2: High-level peer evaluation

Please provide a short answer about each group member, including yourself:

  1. What about this team member's work has contributed positively to team effectiveness?
  2. Has anything about this team member's work contributed negatively to team effectiveness?

Part 3: Work breakdown

For each of the following deadlines (listed below), please describe what you feel is the percentage of work done by each team member including yourself.

Please consider ALL work done by the team member, not just the work that ended up getting used in the game. It is normal that some components end up getting used and others end up getting scrapped.

It is not necessarily expected that every team member contributed equally to every project component. In cases of significant deviation from equality, please provide a short comment describing what happened.


  1. Throwaway Prototype
  2. Alpha Prototype
  3. Beta Prototype


Beta Prototype

  • Team Member A (you): 20%
  • Team Member B: 10%. Didn't show up for the meeting and did not finish one of the assigned tasks (adding tutorials).
  • Team Member C: 30%. Worked extra hard to complete the tutorials that were assigned to Team Member B.
  • Team Member D: 20%
  • Team Member E: 20%

Other Comments

If you would like to make any additional comments, please feel free to do so.


Due: Thursday, October 19th at 11:59 pm

You should submit this evaluation as a single PDF on CMS.