CS 4154: Analytics-driven Game Design

Assignment 1
Preferences and Skills

Due: Wednesday, August 27th at 11:59 pm


In order to form the groups for the the game projects semester, I need to know what kinds of games you all want to work on, and what skills sets each of you has. The goal is to form balanced groups which share similar development interests. Obviously, it is infeasible to make groups that are always perfectly balanced and in synch, but this information will help us get a lot closer.

You should create a text file prefs.txt containing the following information:

Your name, netID, year and college

This bit should be self-explanatory.

Your five favorite video games.

This should also be self-explanatory.

What role you wish to have in this course

Do you wish to be a programmer or a visual designer? Note the prerequisites for each track.

A description of your expertise in this role

If you are a programmer, what programming courses have you had? If you are an visual designer, what tools are you familiar with, and what kind of work have you done? Keep your answer brief — only a few sentences.

A description of any additional expertise

Are you capable of acting in the other role if needed? If so, mention this and describe your background. Also, are there other things that you have expertise in, such as music composition or audio design? Mention anything that you think might be relevant to game design.

A description of what type of game you want to work on

This should be a brief summary of no more than 1-3 sentences.

In addition, you should give us some idea about the scope of your game. Keep in mind the requirements for CS 4154 games. Remember that you will only have 4-6 people working part time for a few months on your game, so it will have to be reasonable — think small but clever.

A list of the people you wish to work with

We assign groups to make sure the teams are balanced, but we do try to put together students that request to be together. We cannot always satisfy your requests, and sometimes you may have to change sections to get what you want. But if you voice a preference, we will do the best we can.

If you do not know anybody in the class, or do not care, just say "no preference".

Any other information you would like us to consider

This is particularly helpful if you are on the wait list trying to get into the class. Extra information can also help us pair you with a better group.


Due: Wednesday, August 27th at 11:59 pm

You should submit a text file called prefs.txt containing all of the information above. Students already in the course should submit via CMS. All other students should e-mail the instructor.