Get Started

You should immediately familize yourself with this website.

This website is the official syllabus of the course. We recommend that you explore all of the links from the navigation bar at the top. Because this is a project-based course, the first thing that you need to look at is the assignments.

Spring semester is losing a week this year, so we need to get started right away. Teams have been contacted before the start of class. The very first assignment, the team workflow is due this Wednesday, immediately after you arrive in class. The first class session will give you time to work on this document.

Afterwards, you will immediately start brainstorming your game ideas for the initial proposal. The goal is to have your game idea locked by the second week of class.

Because the course is online this year, we will spend all available class time working on activities that directly benefit the project. Lectures have been recorded asynchronously and are available on the lessons page. We expect you to watch the first three videos before the second class, as they are crucial to the brainstorming process.

To see what we are doing for each class, look at the semester calendar. The Zoom link for the first class can be found here.