CS/INFO 4152: Advanced Topics in Computer Game Development


With the move to online delivery, we have had to make some major changes to how we run the course. For ease of navigation, we have now split this page up into three sections.

[In-Class Sessions]   [Online Discussions]   [Online Lectures]

In-Class Sessions

The sessions below are the ones that were held in class before the semester was radically changed. We have provided links to the lecture slides and presentation instructions. However, we will not be going back and recording video for any lectures. They are presented as is.

With each lecture we also have list of additional readings. Some of these readings are demos that were played with in class.

Format Topic Additional Materials Date
Lecture 1 Overview Required:
Course FAQ
Lecture 2 Mechanics Revisited 01/24/20
Lecture 3 Mobile Game Design 01/27/20
Critique Pitch Session 01/29/20
Critique Pitch Session 01/31/20
Lecture 4 Monetized Gameplay Optional:
Adams on Resources
  • Adams on Design Patterns
Lecture 5 Mobile Prototypes 02/05/20
Workshop SNOW DAY 02/07/20
Lecture 6 Architecture Revisited 02/10/20
Presentation Nondigital Prototype 02/12/20
Presentation Nondigital Prototype 02/14/20
Lecture 7 Scene Graphs Required:
Understanding Scene Graphs
  • The CUGL Scene Graph Tutorial
Lecture 9 C++ Overview Optional:
Code Examples
Lecture 10 C++ Overview (continued) Optional:
Code Examples
Presentation Gameplay Prototype 02/26/20
Presentation Gameplay Prototype 02/28/20
Lecture 11 Mobile Networking Required:
Matchmaking Overview (iOS)
  • Real-time Multiplayer (Android)
  • Introduction to Networked Physics
  • Client-Side Prediction
Lecture 12 Memory Management 03/04/20
Lecture 13 Memory in C++ Optional:
Code Examples
Presentation Technical Prototype 03/09/20
Presentation Technical Prototype 03/11/20
Presentation Technical Prototype 03/13/20

Online Discussions

Fortunately, we had almost made it to alpha before we had to move to video. That meant we were already transitioning away from lectures and moving to more discussion based classes. That is why we set up the Discord server. However, considering the limitations of Discord for mobile games, we will need to switch back and forth between Discord and Zoom. The table below will help you keep things straight.

Format Topic Location Date
Workshop Design Patterns Discord 04/06/20
Workshop Composite Challenges Discord 04/08/20
Critique Level Design Discord 04/10/20
Presentation Pre-Beta Release Zoom 04/13/20
Presentation Pre-Beta Release Zoom 04/15/20
Presentation Pre-Beta Release Zoom 04/15/20
Playtest Pre-Beta Discord 04/17/20
Critique Code Walkthrough Discord 04/20/20
Presentation Beta Release Zoom 04/27/20
Presentation Beta Release Zoom 04/29/20
Presentation Beta Release Zoom 04/29/20
Playtest Beta Discord 05/01/20
Critique Game Feel Discord 05/04/20
Presentation Golden Master Zoom 05/11/20
Presentation Golden Master Zoom 05/11/20
Presentation GDIAC Showcase TBA 05/22/20

Online Lectures

The lectures below are the ones that were lost due to the restructuring of the class. The slides are available by clicking on the Lecture number, just as in the traditional lectures. To see the video, click on the right-most column. Videos will become available starting March 23.

Given the higher priority work of restructuring the critiques, these videos are pretty primitive. They consist of your instructor narrating slides. Do not mistake them for high-quality online instruction. As with the normal lectures, we have included the traditional reading that accompanies the slides.