CS/INFO 4152: Advanced Topics in Computer Game Development

ENGRC Discussion 6
Architecture/Design Peer Review

The purpose of this class is to help you improve your architecture and design specifications, which are due this weekend. Teams should come to lab, on time, fully prepared to spend the hour editing and revising their documents. We are serious about asking you to be on time for this lab. Lateness could mean a loss of participation points.

Before you come to lab, each team should aim to have completed at least 80% of both the Architecture Specification and the Design Specification, nicely polished. To ensure that this is that case, we are asking that you e-mail the PDF of both documents to Traci Nathans-Kelly before class. The deadline for this as follows:

  • The teams on March 9 (1-3) should mail the PDFs to Nathans-Kelly by 12pm EST that day.
  • The teams on March 10 (4-9) should mail the PDFs to Nathans-Kelly by 12pm EST that day.

When you come to class, each team will be provided with copies of their documents. You will also receive review worksheets to help you with editing your document. All editing and reviewing will take place in class. There will be no coding or revising during the class hour.

At the end of the hour, Nathans-Kelly will collect editing notes, scan them, and send them to the Project Leader for each team by 5pm that day. The Project Leader should disperse the notes to the entire team. Teams are expected to review those notes and revise accordingly before submitting the assignments this weekend.