CS/INFO 4152: Advanced Topics in Computer Game Development

ENGRC Discussion 3
Concept Peer Review

Today's discussion will be spent polishing your concept document, which is due this weekend. You should come to class with fully prepared slides for your Concept Document. Time permitting, each group will be asked to present these slides to the rest of the class. You will then receive some short feedback from Traci the rest of the class to help you in your submission this weekend.

There is no set order of presentation, so you should be prepared to present at the start of class. Traci will start the class outlining the rules for presentation. She will then call on groups in any order. We will hold questions until the end of the presentation so that each team can make their pitch uninterrupted.

Nondigital Prototype

Because of the number of groups, we expect the Friday session to be completely packed. Presentations should take up the entire class. However, there may be some time left over in the Thursday section as there are fewer groups. If there is some time left over, you should spend it brainstorming your nondigital prototype. This is the next major deliverable in the course.