CS/INFO 4152: Advanced Topics in Computer Game Development

ENGRC Discussion 2
Concept Brainstorming

Today's discussion should be spent on two activities, which are due in the next two weeks. First of all, you should finish work on your team workflow. When that is done, you should start work on the concept document.

At the start of class, Traci will talk a little bit about competitive analysis. This is something that we want you thinking about more deeply in your concept documents, particularly if you are planning on a commercial release. Afterwards, she and the course staff will go about the room, helping you with your assignments.

Team Workflow

After last week's meeting, you hopefully have your group roles assigned. That means you need to fill out the rest of your workflow. The big things to resolve during discussion are the Team Coordination and Conflict Resolution.

Team Coordination

This section details how your team is going to coordinate its actions all semester long. As a bare minimum, we want to know the following.

  • Where and when you will hold group meetings (outside of this discussion section)
  • How you will record minutes of your group meetings
  • How your group will communicate (e.g. e-mail, Slack)
  • How your group will share files (both code and art assets)

See the instructions for more details about each of these.

Conflict Resolution

This section is the hardest to get right. No one likes writing these rules, and they also hate enforcing them. But ignoring a group conflict is not going to cause it to go away. You must have rules for how you will deal with conflicts, both creative (e.g. cannot agree on an idea) and procedural (e.g. missed deadlines).

Traci has a lot of experience in this area. If you are unsure of what to write here, please call her over to help. Even if you do not call on her, she is going to visit each group to make sure that you have something sensible for this section.

Concept Document

As we have mentioned in class, the concept document for this course is a little different than the one for 3152. We want you to make a slide presentation that covers the highlights of your game. It should be created as if you were going to do an oral presentation for your game (though you are not doing any oral presentation beyond what you did for the pitch session).

The instructions page has a lot of examples for what we are looking for in this document. The one thing that is new is the competitive analysis. We have a short worksheet to help you brainstorm possible competitors to your game. If you are having trouble, call Traci over and she will help you.