CS/INFO 4152: Advanced Topics in Computer Game Development

Assignment 15
Open Beta Release

Demo: Monday, May 1st at 11:15 am
Due: Saturday, May 6th at 11:59 pm

Your fifth presentation is your "public beta" presentation. This is the real beta. By this point we expect you to have people other than yourself playing the game. So that is our primary requirement for this release. The game should be in a state that someone who has never seen it before can play it (albeit with quite a bit of instruction).

As we said in class, this will be the last formal release before Showcase. We will spend the last week of class playtesting. This will give you two weeks between this release and Showcase to get something presentable. But this means that whatever you show at public beta must be something that we can playtest.

Class Presentation

As with the last release, your class presentation will consist of two parts. The difference is that this time, the "design" presentation will focus on your marketing pitch at the Showcase to get people to play your game.

Software Deliverable

We will have roughly 18 minutes per group, per presentation. As with the last release, we want the bulk of this time (8-10 minutes) to be devoted to showing off the game so far. You should have one person playing it while another team member narrates the play; the narrator and player should not be the same person (so that the player can concentrate on playing). The narrator should point out game play elements, challenges, and strategies as the player encounters them.

Poster Presentation

At Showcase, you are going to have a poster associated with your game, and this is going to act as your marketing. You do not need to make a poster for this presentation, but you should make 3 or 4 slides for this presentation which will stand in for your poster. On these slides you should have the following:

  • A brief summary of your game and its objective
  • What makes your game different and why it is fun
  • What a player needs to know to start playing immediately (think game manual)
  • (Optional) Basic strategies or things to look out for

Presentation Schedule

The structure for this presentation is the same as the previous ones. As you can see from looking at the calendar, this presentation will take place over the entire week. This is intended to give you long enough to present and answer questions. While we would like you to playtest, are moving playtesting to the discussion section. However, we might playtest in class if there is time.

Monday (May 1)

  • Hot 100 Fire (Flo)
  • One Group (Magic Moving Mansion Mania)
  • Candescent Gaming (Lit)

Wednesday (May 3)

  • Spoopy Squad (Underhanded)
  • mujun rasen (Mesmer)
  • CUGL Buddies (Laser Penguins)

Friday (May 5)

  • 21 CUGL (Infernal Descent)
  • Boonana Games (Cannon)
  • Edge-Guard Studios (Slam-a-lot)


Due: Saturday, May 6th at 11:59 pm

For this assignment, we ask for something new from you. We want to be able to play your prototype. That means we want it in an easy to execute form.

First, we would like you each to make an Android APK of your game. Even if you think of your game as iOS only (and want to be graded on iOS, not Android), we would like to see what happens when your game runs on Android.

Second, if you are up and running on iOS, we would like to test out that version to. If you are using your own developer account, we would like you to use the TestFlight service. Otherwise, create a release in GitHub. But if you do the latter, we absolutely must be able to compile it. Do not release a broken build.

In addition, this time we would like a copy of your presentation slides. Please submit them to CMS as a PDF. You should also remember to turn in your fifth two week report. This will allow us to see how you are organizing you time, and make suggestions for your final push to Showcase.