CS/INFO 4152: Advanced Topics in Computer Game Development


January 19th Enroll in the ENGRC Companion Course
January 19th CUGL Engine
January 19th Course Wait List

Enroll in the ENGRC Companion Course

We have added an extra hour to the course to reflect the amount of work that you do for this course, particularly in the group work. This extra hour labelled as the course ENGRC 4152. All students must sign up for this course, even though most of you already have Technical Writing credit. If you do not sign up for that course, you will be dropped from this course.

Posted Thursday, January 19th

CUGL Engine

There is no textbook for this course, but there is a mandatory game engine. Because of some issues from last year, we are switching to a custom game engine. This engine is built upon SDL, but you should almost never need to call the functions in SDL. This engine has a lot of exciting features that we have never had before, such as recordable gestures.

Youu should talk with your group about whether you plan for Android or iOS to be your primary deployment platform. While groups can distribute on both platforms, you will only be graded on one, and should optimize your development for that platform.

Posted Thursday, January 19th

Course Wait List

It originally looked like enrollment for this course was going to be light and that we would not fill (especially considering that I added a 9th group to the course last year). However, there were a lot of last-minute applications at the deadline and so we did get a small waiting list. Preference was given to students who had previously taken 3152 and graduating seniors who needed to satisfy a requirement.

With that said, there are may be some openings during the first two weeks of class. We historically get 3 or 4 drops in the first two weeks. That would be enough to clear out the current wait list. If you are interested in getting on the wait list, please fill out the online application.

Posted Thursday, January 19th