CS/INFO 4152: Advanced Topics in Computer Game Development


The format of CS/INFO 4152 is very similar to that of CS/INFO 3152 except that we try to move more of the lab discussion into the main lecture course. However, we still spend a significant amount of time on traditional lectures. These lectures will cover issues affecting mobile games and advanced game engine design.

Once your projects reach alpha release we will have significantly less lectures, instead spending class time on extended presentations and playtesting. We expect you to take these sessions seriously. In particularly, part of your participation score will take into consideration how active you are in discussion and critique.

Format Topic Additional Materials Date
Lecture Overview Required:
  • Course FAQ
Lecture Mechanics Revisited 01/29/16
Lecture Mobile Game Design 02/01/16
Presentation Pitch Session 02/03/16
Presentation Pitch Session 02/05/16
Lecture Monetized Gameplay Optional:
  • Adams on Resources
  • Adams on Design Patterns
Lecture Mobile Prototypes 02/10/16
Lecture C++ Overview Required:
  • Code Examples
Presentation Nondigital Prototype 02/17/16
Presentation Nondigital Prototype 02/19/16
Lecture C++ Overview (continued) Required:
  • Code Examples
Lecture Architecture Revisited 02/24/16
Lecture Scene Graphs Required:
  • Chapter 5: Scenes
  • Chapter 6: UI
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Physics Example
Presentation Gameplay Prototype 02/29/16
Presentation Gameplay Prototype 03/02/16
Presentation Gameplay Prototype 03/04/16
Lecture 2D Animation Required:
  • Chapter 4: Actions
  • Animation State Machines
  • Spriter Tutorials
  • Corpionage Skinning Demo
  • Ragdoll Spriter/Spine Demo
  • Seamstress Spriter/Spine Demo
Lecture Memory Management 03/09/16
Lecture Memory Implementation 03/11/16
Presentation Technical Prototype 03/14/16
Presentation Technical Prototype 03/16/16
Presentation Technical Prototype 03/18/16
Lecture Level Design Required:
  • Reverse Design: Super Mario World
  • No Twinkie For You (Bad Design)
Lecture Story & Progression Optional:
  • Core Elements of Interactive Storytelling
Lecture Procedural Content Optional:
  • Procedural Content Generation Wiki
Presentation Alpha Release 04/04/16
Presentation Alpha Release 04/06/16
Presentation Alpha Release 04/08/16
Presentation Code Walkthrough 04/11/16
Lecture Audio Design 04/13/16
Lecture Debugging C++ Optional:
  • Norm Matloff's Debugging Tutorial
Presentation Closed Beta 04/18/16
Presentation Closed Beta 04/20/16
Presentation Closed Beta 04/22/16
Lecture Optimizing and Profiling 04/25/16
Lecture Game Analytics 04/27/16
Lecture Festivals & Promotion 04/29/16
Presentation Open Beta 05/02/16
Presentation Open Beta 05/04/16
Presentation Open Beta 05/06/16
Presentation Postmortems 05/09/16
Presentation Postmortems 05/11/16
Presentation GDIAC Showcase 05/20/16