CS/INFO 4152: Advanced Topics in Computer Game Development

Playtest 4
Closed Beta Playtest

Due: Not Turned In

As with every release, today is another playtesting session. However, today we are going to make things a bit more formal. We actually want you to bring a testing script so that you can have a more organized approach to your playtesting. We want you to get into the mood for user testing, since your game is hopefully in a stage where you can start getting feedback.

In addition, we ask that you bring at least two devices capable of running your prototype. If this is not possible, please contact a staff member before this lab is held.

Playtesting Session

In preparation for this session, you should write a 5-10 minute test plan. We do not want an in-depth user study experiement. All we want is a script that outlines what the person manning your game station should be doing. This plan should include the following elements:

  • Your artifacts (what are you testing?)
  • A welcome script (what do you say to the player?)_
  • A task or two (what should the player do?)
  • A few of questions to ask of the player

To help you in writing your material, you should remember the playtesting lecture from the introductory course. In addition, you might want to look at the following online material:

Testing The Design With Users
This is a chapter from an online text about the basic principals of user testing
Cognitive Walkthrough
This wikipedia entry describes a basic tenant of user testing.

That is all that there is to this session. We are not expecting formal questionairres or rigorous data collection.

Working on the Two-Week Report

The other major activity this week is the two-week report. If you finish playtesting early -- which can happen because technical prototypes are still a bit simple -- you may start work on the two-week prototype. However, we want you to make a good faith effort at playtesting (at least 20 minutes) before starting work on the report.