CS/INFO 4152: Advanced Topics in Computer Game Development

Discussion Sections

Historically this class was small enough that we everything took place during the lectures. However, with the switch to the new game engine, we have had to add more lectures to the class. In addition, as the class has grown in size, it has become impossible to do everything to do everything in the lecture course.

Last year, we took a survey and there was overwhelming demand to add an extra hour to the course. Not to add more assignments, but to give time to work on the existing assignments and interact with the TAs. That is the purpose of the discussion sections.

The discussion sections are Th 9:05-9:55 and F 3:35-4:25. The rooms are still being assigned. Each group has been assigned a discussion section according to the availability of your members.

ENGRC Topics

The ENGRC discussions are part of the companion course ENGRC 4152. They are intended to help you both prepare and revise the numerous documents involved in this course. Unlike CS/INFO 3152, there are no additional activities on these days or anything additional to turn in.

Lab Task Date
ENGRC 1 Group Charter 01/28/16
ENGRC 2 Competitive Analysis 02/04/16
ENGRC 3 Nondigital Brainstorming 02/11/16
ENGRC 4 Gameplay Specification 02/18/16
ENGRC 5 Milestone Document 02/25/16
Playtest 1 Gameplay Playtest 03/03/16
ENGRC 6 Specifications 03/10/16
Playtest 2 Technical Playtest 03/17/16
ENGRC 7 Document Revisions 03/24/16
Playtest 3 Alpha Playtest 04/07/16
ENGRC 8 Level Design 04/14/16
Playtest 4 Closed Beta Playtest 04/21/16
ENGRC 9 App Store Proposal 04/28/16
Playtest 5 Open Beta Playtest 05/05/16