CS/INFO 4152: Advanced Topics in Computer Game Development

ENGRC Discussion 6

Today's discussion should be spent working on your architecture specification, and your design specification. The means that each group should naturally split up into programmers and designers. As you work on these documents, the course staff will be on hand to help you out. In particular, Traci will be helping the designers out with the Design Specification, as this is a new document.

Architecture Specification

While the architecture specification is primarily the responsibility of the lead programmer, all programmers should be involved in this document. It is way too massive a document for one person to work on. A natural way to break up responsibilities here are to give the CRC cards, the activity diagram, and the serialization model to different people. However, the CRC cards are the bulk of the work, so you might want to break this up further.

If you are having difficulties with this document, as Cristian or Kelvin to help you. They have the most experience with this document.

Design Specification

The design specification is a brand new document that Marisa has put a lot of work into. She is the right person to talk to you if you are having trouble. Traci also has some experience with this kind of document, so she will be checking in with the groups as well.

The most important thing to get across is your influences. If you concept art is very rough, that is okay. But we want a good picture of where your game is headed.