CS/INFO 4152: Advanced Topics in Computer Game Development

ENGRC Discussion 4
Gameplay Specification

Today's discussion should be spent working on your gameplay specification, which is due this weekend along with your nondigital prototype. If you have not presented your nondigital prototype yet, you may wish to spend time working on that. However, we recommend that you spend the bulk of your time on the gameplay specification.

In addition to this, you may have gotten an invitation to respond to a CATME survey this weekend. We are not doing formal two week reports just yet (those will start after gameplay), but we would like you to start filling out surveys. They are very quick to do. Traci will say more on this in class.

Nondigital Postmortem

If you have already presented your nondigital prototype, we want you to think about the lessons that you learned and incorporate them in your gameplay specification. We are not asking for an extra worksheet, like we did with the competitive analysis. We simply would like you to have a 5-10 minute discussion about what worked with your prototype and what did not. If you know that a mechanic is going to require a lot more playtesting, we would like you to specify that in your gameplay specification.