CS/INFO 4152: Advanced Topics in Computer Game Development

ENGRC Discussion 1
Group Charter

At the start of this section, you should get together according to your assigned groups. For some of you this will be your first official meeting with your group. The session today will be focused on two important topics: starting your group charter and brainstorming ideas for the pitch session next week.

When you meet with your group, check to make sure that everyone is there. If anyone is missing, let us know immediately. If someone is missing group meetings this early, it does not bode well for the future. If a team member must be replaced, we need to know early while we can still add new people to the class.

Group Charter

At the very beginning of class, Traci will talk to you all about group dynamics and what is expected of you this semester. She will go over the purpose of the group charter. She will also talk about what to do if you think you need to revise your charter.

We do not expect you to finish the group charter in discussion. In fact, you have over a week to complet it. However, you should spend some class time thinking about team roles. In particular, we would like some sort of guess at team roles for the initial group orientation, though these are not binding.

Everyone should have some sort of role. However, there are three roles that are very important:

Project Leader

This person is in charge of assigning tasks and keeping the group on top of deadlines. They are also responsible for gathering together the information for the bi-weekly reports (though everyone is expected to contribute). This should be someone who can get along with everyone on the team.

Software Lead

This person is in charge of the architecture decisions on the project. They lead the design of the architecture specification, and have final say on all class interfaces. They also assign programming tasks to the other members of the team. This should not be the same person as the Project Leader.

Design Lead

In the case of multiple designers, this is the person who sets the visual aesthetic of the game. They have final say on the artistic style of the game, and the other designers are expected to conform to this style.

Pitch Session

We expect you to have an initial idea for a game by the end of next week. We will review game design principles in class, but we will be building off of what you already learned in your previous game design course.

You will present your initial game idea to the class in a pitch session. This will be a short 5-10 minute elevator pitch where you give us a rough idea of your game and basic mechanics. Making these types of presentations is an important skill to have and Traci will spend some of the discussion time talking about our expectations for the pitch.