CS 414
Introduction to Operating Systems
Fall 2003
Cornell University Computer Science Department


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Grading Policy

    Homeworks are graded on a check-plus, check, check- basis. These convert to a number: 5/4/3.    You are expected to do your own work!  (See academic integrity policy).

    Homework is 25% of your grade.  Each exam (p1, p2, final) counts for 25% of your grade.  We then rank the whole class, do a rough letter grade based on the distribution of letter grades from previous years, and then fine-tune to deal with individual special cases.  The mean is usually a B/B- and we very rarely give grades lower than C-.  Very high and very low grades (like A+ or D) are always determined by hand, not based on some sort of formula.  



Operating Systems Concepts, 6th Edition, Silvershatz, Galvin and Gagne, "Windows XP Update".  Wiley, 2003.


Note: Older editions are fine too, but you'll need to figure out the page numbering on your own in that case.  They haven't really changed this book much since the 5th Edition, and we won't do much with the Windows XP material that was added in 2003.  Carpenter Library has at least one copy on reserve.  But be careful to check the title and author list.  There are several books with similar titles.

415 Project

  • Project 6
    • Assignment
    • Project Files: minithread6.zip
    • 11/05/01 Lecture Slides
  • Project 5 (device.h/device.cpp revised as of 10/31/01):
    • Assignment
    • Project Files: minithread5.zip
    • 10/15/01 Lecture Slides
  • Project 4:
    • Assignment
    • Project Files: minithread4.zip
    • 10/01/01 Lecture Slides
  • Project 3:
    • Assignment
    • Project Files: minithread3.zip
    • 9/17/01 Lecture Slides
  • Project 2:
    • Assignment
    • Project Files: minithread.zip purify.zip
    • 9/10/01 Lecture Slides
  • Project 1 (Part B Revised As Of 9/4/01 Before Class):
    • Assignment
    • Project Files
    • 9/3/01 Lecture Slides
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  • Tips and tricks for the @migo 

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