CS 4121/5121
Introduction to Compilers Practicum
Spring 2016

2016 CS 4121/5121 Compiler Bakeoff

The “Best Compiler” title is once again up for grabs! Winning team members will receive bragging rights and an attractive plaque announcing their excellence in the compilation domain. Your PA7 submissions will be considered submissions to the compiler bakeoff. Entries to the contest will accepted until May 19 (this is a hard deadline both for PA7 and the contest!).

Your group's relative performance in the bakeoff won't affect your course grade.


Compilers are compared using the following criteria, listed roughly in order of importance:


Compilers will be evaluated using several Xi and oXi programs, testing both language features and performance. These benchmarks test the performance of objects, arrays, loops, recursion, redundant computations, and more.

Contest results

The Best Compiler award goes to Gary Zibrat, Anu Reddy, and Kavan Bhavin. Amazing job!