CS 4120/4121/5120/5121
Introduction to Compilers
Cornell University Computer Science Department, Fall 2013


You may re-submit your already graded programming assignments (except the last one (PA6)) for a complete grading re-run to get up to 50% of the points you lost on the respective assignments. You can do this by submitting a zip-file to the resubmission assignment on CMS, its contents looking as follows:

Take care that you place exactly those files that we expect and that they have the correct filenames (case-sensitive). DO NOT LEAVE OUT ANY OF THOSE FILES (especially notes.txt, and cubex_lib.h). Our grading script will delete any files that are not expected to be there. Make sure that your program works after just copying antlr-4.1-complete.jar into the folder. To test that your manifest looks for the jar at the right place, test whether running the program without antlr-4.1-complete.jar fails (it should). We will make no attempts to fix your jars this time, or extract any additionally needed files from the jar or get them from somewhere else, so make sure that they actually work the way they should.

An example zip file to resubmit just pa3 and pa4 looks as follows:

As an additional help to make your files testable, we provide you with a VirtualBox Image of a system that is set up to run tests on your resubmission: download here. If you can put your zip file in the right spot there and run the demo tests, you should be good to go.

Resubmissions are due on December 19 by 11:30am. There are no resubmissions for PA6, and no late resubmissions.

That is, we just download whatever you uploaded to CMS by that time and re-run the tests we already run on your origninal submissions on them in an automated way. There will be only one test run, no fixes to anybodys code, we will adjust your scores based on the results.


A successful resubmission can earn you up to 50% of the points that you lost. Your final scores are calculated as follows:

MAX([points on your original submission after late penalty],([points on your original submission after late penalty]+[points on the resubmission])/2)

This applies to the 90 points you get from the automated tests only. For example, if you had 5 points on "Submission Format/Completeness" and 30 points on "Correctness" on your original submission and got the program to work 100% right the second time, i.e. 90 points on "Correctness", you'll end up with 60 points for "Correctness", or 65 points in total. Point calculations are applied to the current members of a group, even if they were not part of that group for certain problem sets. They are applied for each group member individually, i.e. if one group member got 30 points on "Correctness" for PA2 and another got 50, and the resubmission scored all 90 points, the first group member will end up with 60 and the second with 70 points. Conversely, your old group members do not get points for a resubmission from your new group, they have do go through resubmission in their current group, too.