CS 4110 (Fall 2014)

Programming Languages and Logics
MWF 9:05-9:55
Gates G01


An introduction to the theory, design, and implementation of programming languages. Topics include operational semantics, type systems, higher-order functions, scope, lambda calculus, laziness, exceptions, side effects, continuations, objects, and modules. Also discussed are concurrency and distributed programming.


Nate Foster
Email: jnfoster[at]cs.cornell.edu
Office Hours: Monday 4pm-5pm and Friday 11am-12pm in Gates 432

Teaching Assistants

Fran Mota
Email: fmota[at]cs.cornell.edu
Office Hours: Wednesday 11am-12pm and Thursday 2-3pm in Gates G19

Nitesh Donti
Email: nvd5[at]cornell.edu
Office Hours: Monday 10:10-11am in Gates G13 and Tuesday 12-1:10pm in Gates G11

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Last updated December 2014