CS 4110 (Fall 2010)

Programming Languages and Logics
MWF 10:10-11:00
Upson 111


This schedule is not set in stone. Changes will be announced in lecture and posted here. Please check back from time to time.

The readings are not required. Key: W = Winskel, P = Pierce.

These contain material from courses taught by Stephen Chong, Greg Morrisett, Andrew Myers, George Necula, and Radu Rugina.

Date Topic Notes Reading Assignments
25 August Introduction PDF W1, P2
27 August Small-step semantics W2, P3
30 August Inductive definitions and proofs PDF W3-4, P3 HW1 out
  1 September Large-step semantics PDF W2, P3
  3 September IMP PDF
  6 September No class (Labor Day)
  8 September IMP properties PDF HW2 out
10 September Denotational Semantics PDF W5, M4.3
13 September Denotational and Axiomatic Semantics PDF W5, M4.3 HW3 out
15 September Axiomatic semantics PDF W6
17 September Hoare logic PDF W7
20 September λ-calculus PDF P5 HW4 out
22 September More λ-calculus PDF P5
24 September λ-calculus encodings PDF P6
27 September Recursion (Lecturer: Mark) (same) P5
29 September Definitional translation (Lecturer: Mark) (same) P5
  1 October Review
  4 October Preliminary Exam I HW5 out
6 October Definitional translation (same) P5
8 October Continuations (same)
11 October No Class (Fall Break)
13 October Types PDF P9 HW6 out
15 October More types (same) P9
18 October More types PDF P11,13 HW7 out
20 October Record types PDF P11,14
22 October Subtyping (same) P11,14
25 October Polymorphism PDF P23,26 HW8 out
27 October More Polymorphism PDF P23
29 October Type Inference PDF P22
  1 November Propositions-as-Types, Existentials PDF P9.4, 24 HW9 out
  3 November Objects PDF P18, M10
  5 November Featherweight Java PDF P19
  8 November Featherweight Java Typing (same) P19
  10 November Featherweight Java Properties PDF P19
  12 November Review
  15 November Preliminary Exam II HW10 out
  17 November Abstract Interpretation PDF
  19 November More Abstract Interpretation (same)
  22 November Concurrency PDF HW11 out
  24 November More concurrency (same)
  26 November No Class (Thanksgiving)
  29 November Model Checking
  1 December Language-based Security (Lecturer: Michael Clarkson)
  3 December Review
  13 December Final Exam, 9-11:30am
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