Programming Assignment 2: A Second Chance

We would like to give you a second chance on programming assignment 2.  We have posted a WinZip archive with several files that comprise the test program we used to exercise your code in the first grading.  It is available through the link below.  Use it to debug your code.  When the test program runs perfectly on your code, resubmit it and we will give you back half the points you lost on the first grading.  The deadline is Thursday, October 21, 7pm.

What to Pass In

Please submit all of the following:

The Test Program

The files you will need are contained in a WinZip archive   Extract the files to a new folder using the WinZip Extract button, making sure the "use folder names" box is checked.  You should get the following two files and two directories.   This is the Java source file of the main test program.  It contains the main class BinomHeapTest that is loaded when the test program starts up.  You can look at this program to see what we are doing to test your binomial heap code.  It contains 5 tests:

We have made some slight enhancements to the original version so as to give more useful information in error messages.

BHT.bat.  This is a batch file that you can double-click on to run the test using the jview interpreter under Windows.  It will produce an output file out.txt.

BinomHeapTest directory.  This directory contains our class files.  They are all in the BinomHeapTest package.  You should not touch or change anything in this directory.

BinomHeap directory.  This will be initially empty.   Copy your class files BinomHeap.class, BinomTree.class, and EmptyHeapException.class to this directory, as well as any other files in the package BinomHeap that you define.

Frustration Avoidance

If you are using some other software besides the official course software, such as the JDK or CodeWarrior, please make sure that it works with our test program before submitting.  In particular, last time there was significant difficulty with packages.   If you cannot figure out how packages work on your platform, probably the best thing to do is to compile it under MS DevStudio in the lab before submitting.  Sorry, but we simply do not have the time to recompile your project like we did last time.