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Meets: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 
255 Olin Hall
Instructor: Shai Ben-David
4144 Upson Hall, 255-4395
Office Hours: Wed & Fri 10:30-11:30am
Teaching Assts: Christopher Capobianco
 Office Hours: Friday 11:15am-1:15pm in 328 Upson Hall
Jeffrey Hartline, 4161 Upson Hall, 255-6835.
 Office Hours: Th 8-10pm in 328 Upson Hall
Hongzhou Liu, 4162 Upson Hall, 255-2219.
 Office Hours: Th 4:30-5:30pm in 328 Upson Hall
Reba Schuller, 5142 Upson Hall, 255-1165.
 Office Hours: W 10-11am, 3:30-4:40pm; Th 1:10-2:30pm in 328 Upson Hall
Kimon Tsinteris
 Office Hours: W 5-6pm in 328 Upson Hall
Serguei Vassilvitskii
 Office Hours: Th 11am-12pm in 328 Upson Hall
Text Book: Dexter Kozen, Automata and Computability.   Springer, 1997
Grading: The final grade will be calculated as follows:
  15%   Homework Assignments (2 lowest assignments will be dropped)
(***As of Nov 30 this is now the 3 lowest assignments***)

30%   Prelims (15% each prelim, only if they are above final exam grade)

55%   Final Exam
Related Course: In the first few weeks, you may switch between the CS381 and CS 481 courses.
Newsgroup: There is a newsgroup cornell.class.cs381 established for this course. It is intended for discussing CS381 related topics, interesting problems (but NOT homework solutions), complaints, suggestions etc. You can learn more about newsgroups here.

Regrade Policy: Regrade requests should be put in writing and submitted to Reba, either in Upson 328 during her office hours, or in Upson 5142 anytime (slide under the door if no one is in). Deadlines for regrade requests will be 5pm one week after the assignment/prelim is first available for pick-up. While valid regrade requests are more than welcome, be warned that your score may decrease on submission of a frivolous request.

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