Welcome to Cornell's GitHub

As you will learn in lab and also in this guide git is a very useful tool for maintaining backups and sharing files with project partners.

Cornell hosts its own GitHub which will host your work. Everyone with a NetID can get an account.

Activate Your Account

Log in for the first time to activate your account. Go to https://github.coecis.cornell.edu and log in with your Cornell NetID and password. Before we can create a class repository for you, you must have activated your account, so make sure you do this!

Finding your Cornell GitHub username

If you have another GitHub username elsewhere (bitbucket, GitHub.com, etc.) that username is not automatically your username for Cornell's GitHub. By default your Cornell GitHub username is your NetID.

Changing your Cornell GitHub username

If you want to change your Cornell GitHub username, you can do so by moving your mouse to the top right (you'll see "view profile and more" hovering when your mouse is in the correct place). Click there and it will say "Signed in as abc123" where abc123 is your current username.

github settings

You can change your username by clicking on Settings then on Account. Then "Change Username".

change username

You do not have to change your username. However, if you want to, now is the time in order to avoid the unintended side effects mentioned above.