Due: March 31, 2019 11:59 PM

Please show your completed text file to your TA by the end of section for credit.

What is GDB?

GDB is the GNU project debugger. Some of its functionalities include the following: Learning how to use GDB effectively will be very important to you later on in this course, particularly for the final project. To teach you to use this tool, you'll be debugging a selection sort implementation. You are already familiar with selection sort, as you implemented it in the previous lab, so we hope that you can focus your time on learning GDB.
  1. Make sure you're using the VM or SSH environment we provide for you! This is one of those assignments that may perform differently on different systems.
  2. Retrieve the lab9 files from Github with git pull in your CS 3410 Github repository. There is a helpful GDB document/cheatsheet in your repos.

How to Run

Compile using the following command: gcc -std=c99 -g -o lab9 buggy_sort.c

Run the program using the following command(s): ./lab9 or gdb ./lab9

Entering GDB Mode

There are 4 bugs in buggy_sort.c, find them all and document how you found them using GDB.

Check Off

Be sure to demonstrate to your TA that you understand all the bugs in the code by providing explanations in your text file. These explanations should include a description of the bug and how you used gdb to find it (commands).