VM and Unix Lab

CS3410 Spring 2014

Due in lab week of Mar. 25

Goal for Today

Successfully set up a virtual machine and copy to and from it.


VM stands for Virtual Machine. It is a software emulation of hardware. By using a VM, you can have the same hardware and software environment that CSUG has, ensuring that the same behaviour you see on your computer will be the same when we grade it.

What to do?

The official page for the VM has pretty extensive instructions for acquiring the image and software required, as well as instructions for how to set them up. Follow along on that page and complete the check-list below

  1. Download the image (either one is fine)
  2. Download and install VirtualBox or VMWare Player
  3. Import/Setup the image
  4. Login as root (user:root, password: csuglab)
  5. Create your own user
  6. Add yourself to the sudoer's file
  7. Login as the user you created (hint: type exit to logout)
  8. Make sure you have internet "ping google.com"
  9. Perform an update "sudo yum update"
  10. If you downloaded the GUI version (x11), "startx" to start the GUI
  11. Copy helloworld.txt and helloworld.jpg from /courses/cs3410/ to your VM
  12. SSH to your VM from your real machine
  13. Copy helloworld.txt and helloworld.jpg from your VM to your real machine
  14. Have a TA check you off on your file.

More Info

For more info on UNIX, see man, Linux Pocket Guide (2nd Edition) by Daniel J. Barrett and slides located here