CS 3410 - Spring 2011

Computer System Organization and Programming

Instructor: Hakim Weatherspoon

Cornell University Computer Science Department, Spring 2011



CS3410 provides an introduction to computer organization, systems programming and the hardware/software interface. Topics include instruction sets, computer arithmetic, datapath design, data formats, addressing modes, memory hierarchies including caches and virtual memory, I/O devices, bus-based I/O systems, and multicore architectures. Students learn assembly language programming and design a pipelined RISC processor. The course is open to any undergraduate who has mastered the material in CS 2110.


  • May 9:
New office hours this week (study week) are posted.
  • May 8:
FAQ for PA4 is posted. Also, notes on how to create a kernel network driver are discussed.
  • Apr. 29:
PA4 is posted.
  • Apr. 19:
HW4 is posted.
  • Apr. 16:
FAQ for PA3 is posted.
Please refer to the latest description and use the latest version /courses/cs3410/pa3 on the csuglab machines.
  • Apr. 10:
PA3 has been updated.
Please refer to the latest description and use the latest version /courses/cs3410/pa3 on the csuglab machines.
  • Apr. 6:
PA3 is posted.
  • Apr. 2:
FAQ for HW3 is posted.
  • Mar. 31:
HW3 has been updated.
Please use the latest version of the browser in /courses/cs3410/hw3 on the csuglab machines. We will test you solution against this latest browser.
  • Mar. 28:
HW3 is posted.
  • Mar 24:
PA2 updated; removed BLTZ and BGEZ instructions since you do not need to implement them.
  • Mar 16:
PA2 deadline has been extended and is due after spring break Monday, March 28th, at 11:59pm.
  • Mar. 13:
FAQ for PA2 is posted.
  • Mar. 4:
PA2 is posted.
  • Mar. 4:
Updated version of the FAQ for PA1 is available.
  • Feb 28:
Several practice/old prelims are available via CMS.
Also, we will have a prelim review during Sections this week.
The prelim will be next Thursday, March 10th during class.

  • Feb 28:
Please use the latest version of cs3410.jar (updated 28-Feb-2011).
This release adds MOVN and MOVZ, which is necessary to complete PA1
  • Feb. 26:
FAQ for PA1 posted.
  • Feb. 20:
Updated version of PA1 is available.
Please use this latest PA1 description and the latest versions of the class logisim library (cs3410.jar) and Logisim.
  • Feb. 18:
PA1 is posted.
You will need to use the class Logisim library here.
  • Feb 17:
HW2 has been updated with a some of corrections (and all links work!).
  • Feb 15:
FAQ for HW2 posted.
  • Feb 8:
HW2 is posted.
  • Feb 7:
HW1 deadline has been extended and is due Tuesday, February 8th, at 11:59pm.
  • Feb 6:
Please use the latest version of Logisim (updated 6-Feb-2011).
This release fixed the following problem:
  • logisim fails to load negative decimal number from test vector file.
  • canvas fails to refresh while a test-vector thread is running.
  • test vector computation is slow due to printing on stdout.
  • Feb 6:
FAQ for HW1 posted.
  • Feb 1:
HW1 is posted.
Please use the updated version of Logisim (updated 1-Feb-2011).
  • Feb 1:
New Office Hours for TAs/Consultants/Professor are available.
  • Jan 24:
Lecture has been moved to Phillips 101.
Sections times have been chosen (see below left).
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  • Lecture
       TR 1:25 - 2:40pm, Phillips 101, not Phillips 203
  • Sections:
       T 2:55 - 04:10pm, Hollister 372 (Wang)
       W 3:35 - 04:50pm, Upson 215 (Wang)
       W 7:30 - 08:45pm, Upson 215 (Tseng)
       R 11:40 - 12:55pm, Hollister 372 (Peng)
       R 2:55 - 04:10pm, Hollister 368 (Peng)
       F 2:55 - 04:10pm, Phillips 213 (Erh)
  • Consulting / Office Hours

  • Staff:
       Instructor: Hakim Weatherspoon, 4105C Upson
       Teaching Assistants: Han Wang, Bo Peng & Jun Erh
       Consultants: Ansu Abraham, Ethan Kao, Peter Tseng & Jiaqi Zhai
       Administrative Assistant: Angela Downing, 4115 Upson
  • Email: cs3410-staff-l@cs.cornell.edu [ goes to course staff ]
  • Assignments: CMS
  • Newsgroup: cornell.class.cs3410 [ help ]


Suggested Textbooks

David Patterson, John Hennessy
Computer Organization and Design : The Hardware / Software Interface
4th edition, ISBN 978-0123744937

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