CS3220: Introduction to Scientific Computing
Spring 2010

course blog

27 Apr Project 3 is now posted. In this assignment you will build a simple mass-spring simulator that allows the user to load scene descriptions from a file, select different integrators, and interact with the simulation using both “probe” (a circular wall centered at the current mouse point) and “pull” (a spring between a given particle and […] [more]

19 Apr Project 2 is posted. It is about doing camera-based photogrammetry using linear methods.  By the end you’ll have a model of a cathedral spinning around in plot3—not bad for a few lines of Matlab code! [more]

13 Apr Homework 8 is posted. It has two problems about applications of the SVD. It replaces one part of the two-part photogrammetry project, and the last two assignments in the class are the photogrammetry project (just the linear part) and the diffeq project. [more]

07 Apr Since Problems 1 and 3 of Homework 7 have taken on their own identity as another homework, here is a post to parent discussion for this part. I'll start with some questions and answers to get the ball rolling… [more]

31 Mar Homework 7 (now updated to version 1.1) is posted. This is another homework about building a linear system to solve a practical problem. For this homework you may work in pairs. [more]

recent discussion

06 May @student: You can zip only the .m files you actually changed if you want. Be sure to include some documentation answering the required questions as well. —Manolis Savva [context]

06 May @mt438: At timesteps of those sizes forward euler may indeed explode for the bike scene. —Manolis Savva [context]

06 May Hi, What are you supposed to submit for this project? I zipped the m files I actually coded but the handout says to submit "all MATLAB code you used." Does this include other files included in the framework? Thanks, —student [context]

06 May I observe some explosive behavior when I try to run scenes such as the bike with forward euler method and timestep = 0.25. Other methods work well with the same setting. Is this expected? —mt438 [context]

06 May @mt438: You can use matlab's curve fitting functionality available from Tools menu, Basic Fitting at the top of a Figure window. This only works on one data set at a time. It should also be relatively easy to manually measure the gradient by taking the typical "dy/dx" approach. —Manolis Savva [context]


The future is an ever-changing thing—all lecture topics/dates and due dates are subject to change.

date topic reference reading due
25Jan Introduction slides;
climateprediction; CT; IIHS release;
Bosch ESC paper; 5th gear segment;
DUC; PageRank paper
27Jan Floating point numbers Goldberg on “What every computer scientist should know…
some things to try in Matlab
Heath 1.3–4
(1.3.10–11 optional)
1Feb Floating point | Approximation and precision IEEE 754-2008; numerical disasters Heath 1.1–2 hw1
3Feb Approximation and precision
8Feb Root finding Heath bisection method demo;
Heath Newton's method demo
bisection_root; newton_root;
Heath 5.1, 5.3–5
but only worry
about m = n = 1
10Feb Root finding Heath secant method demo
15Feb Implicit surfaces slides; Digimorph hw3
17Feb Applications slides; rainbows and hair scattering;
Lomont and Eberly on fast inverse sqrt; a less obscure InvSqrt
22Feb Linear systems circuit example; scalar g.e. implicit
23Feb Prelim I at 7:30pm
24Feb LU factorization slides; vector g.e.; matrix g.e. Heath 2.4.1–6
1Mar Pivoting in Gauss and LU slides; vector pivoting g.e.; matrix pivoting g.e.
Vandermonde and pivoting demos
Heath Ch 2; not 2.4.8–10 hw4
3Mar Conditioning in linear systems
8Mar Conditioning in linear systems Matlab demo hw5
10Mar Linear least squares Heath 3.1–3.5
15Mar Linear least squares hw6
17Mar QR decomposition QR notes
22Mar Spring break
24Mar Spring break
29Mar QR decomposition
31Mar Constrained least squares
5Apr Singular value decomposition SVD notes;
Todd Will's SVD tutorial
Heath 3.6–7 hw7, p.2
7Apr Singular value decomposition
8Apr Prelim II at 7:30pm
12Apr SVD and applications hw7, pp.1,3
14Apr SVD applications low-rank apx (image)
19Apr Conditioning of least squares problems SVD notes hw8
21Apr Ordinary differential equations Heath Ch.9 except 9.3.7-9.3.9
26Apr Ordinary differential equations Heath euler and taylor demos Heath r-k and collocation demos photogrammetry
28Apr Ordinary differential equations jode; Heath backward euler demo, backward euler notes, Baraff notes
3May Data visualization Stevens 1946; Edward Tufte; slides
5May Data visualization | Wrapup diffeq
17May Final exam at 9:00 am