Introduction to Scientific Computing
Spring 2007


29 April Lecture notes for data fitting statistics (covering maximum likelihood estimation, Monte Carlo error analysis, and chi-squared statistics) are posted.

2 April Prof. Marschner will be canceling his office hrs today because he is sick. He plans on holding hrs tomorrow.

31 March Homework 5 has been separated into HW5 and HW6, and updated versions have been posted.

29 March Notes for the SVD lectures (covering SVD, SVD applications, and principal components) are posted.

13 March The FAQ for Project 2 has been updated.

4 March A correction to HW4 has been made, to make the allegedly full-rank matrices in problem 2 in fact full rank.

26 February The FAQ for HW3 has been updated.

15 February The review session will be on Sunday 2/18 from 1-2:30PM in Kimball B11.

14 February Since the University is closed because of the snow, Project 1 is now due tomorrow rather than today.

13 February Prelim 1 is on 2/20 in Upson B17 at 7:30. There will be a review session on Sunday, 2/18 from 1:00-2:30. Room TBD.

09 February
The FAQ section of Project 1 has been updated, and a minor revision to the handout has been posted.

06 February We will be sending you an email about every other week to get your feedback on the pace of lecture. the email will direct you to an anonymous web form.

05 February A minor revision to Project 1 has been posted.

26 January We will be adding a section and need your help finding a time that the most people can attend. If you are registered for lecture but not section, please fill out this form by Monday at 8:00am.

26 January A minor correction to hw1 has been made.

25 January Because all three sections are full, we will be adding a fourth section. For this week please go to one of the existing sections, even if you are not enrolled in it.

18 January All sections for 322 will be held in the CSUG lab, 330 Upson. 330 is locked with a code, which you will receive on the first day of class. You can also email Kelly at  patwell@cs.cornell.edu for the code.

18 January Welcome to CS322!


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