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Charles Van Loan
Office: 4130 Upson Hall
Phone: 255-7644
Email: cv@cs.cornell.edu
Office Hours:  Walk-In hours are as follows...
Monday  3:00-4:15
Tuesday  1:15-2:30
Wednesday  3:00-4:15
Thursday  11:00-12:00
Sometimes I have to cancel hours because of unavoidable meetings and out-of-town travel. Check here for what the schedule looks like for the current week.  Nora always knows my schedule and can arrange special appointments.

Teaching Assistants 

Gun Srijuntongsiri
Office:  427 Rhodes Hall
Phone: 255-255-3864
Email: gunsri@cs.cornell.edu
Office Hours:   Monday 9-10, Friday 1:15-2:15

Adam Arbree

Office: 4162 Upson Hall
Phone: 255-2219
Email: arbree@cs.cornell.edu
Office Hours: Tuesday 11-12, Friday 4-5