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On Mondays we move dated announcements to the archives.

Book errata  (PS/PDF) are available.

May 24 Final Exam grading guide is available.

May 19. CVL Office hours today 1:15-1:145, not 1:15 - 2:45.

May 19. Solutions to the May 18 problems are here.

May 18  As a way of reviewing the A6 material, complete the following functions so that they perform as specified. (Solutions at review session and posted tomorrow.)

    function B = RevProb1(A,c,s,i,j)
  % A is n-by-n and 1 < = i <j <=n.
  % Let Q be the n-by-n matrix that is the identity everywhere except
  % Q(i,i) = Q(j,j) = c and Q(i,j) = -Q(j,i) = s.  
  % B = Q'*A*Q
      function [B,C] = RevProb2(A,u,v,w,x)
    % A is n-by-n and u, v, w, and x are column n-by-1 vectors
    % Let M be the n--by-n matrix defined by M(:,j) = u(j)*w + v(j)*x
    % B = M*A and C = A*M
      function x = RevProb3(U,S,V,b)
    % U and V are n-by-n orthogonal matrices, S is a diagonal n--by-n
    % matrix, and b is a column n-vector.  x solves (U*S*V')x = b.

May 17 Tentative A6 solution guide is available.

May 14. Here is a practice final and an actual final from previous years. Each has a differential equation problem which you can ignore.

May 12 

Final exam will be Friday, May 21, 9-11:30AM, in Ives 305. The exam will cover those concepts that are associated with A1-A6 and all the Section problems. A set of study problems will be vailable soon.

Review Session will be Tuesday, May 18, 7:30-9:00pm in Upson B-17

Office hours:  Adam = MTWTh 10-11,  CVL = MTWTh 1:15-2:45,  Gun MTWTh 3-4