CS 322 Home Page
(Spring 2004)


Announcements/Book Errata

   Assignment updates and other timely messages.

Getting Help

The course staff.

Meeting Times

Where and when the lectures and sections meet.

Books and Software

Required and optional course materials.

Course Overview

High-level course description.

Week-by-Week Syllabus

Readings, due dates, and lecture/section topics.

Section Assignments

There will be thirteen of these.

Programming Assignments

There will be five of these.

Lecture Handouts/Examples

What you may have missed.

Review Sessions and Exams

Where to go and when.

Grading Policies

Late submissions, regrades, how things count.


Where to work on the programs.

Before You Take CS 322

Are you ready to take the course?

After You Take CS 322

Information about follow-up courses.

Academic Integrity

Understand the rules.

Interesting Links

If you are curious...