Interesting Scientific Computing Links:

Here are some interesting links in scientific computing, organized by topic. These websites illustrate the importance and ubiquity of scientific computing in many application areas.

What is Numerical Analysis?

Essay entitled "What is Numerical Analysis?"


Computational Scientists: Where Do They Work and What Do They Do?


Matlab Help

Scientific Computing World

Scientific Computing World


Interpolation & Computer Graphics Research at Microsoft
Interpolation of Cardiac Potentials
Multidimensional Spatial Interpolation & Geographic Modeling
Surface Interpolation of Real Estate Market Data

Linear Equations

Application of Linear Algebra to Electronics
Application of Linear Algebra to the Stability of Structures


Numerical Quadrature in Finance
Quadrature in Chemistry & Biology
Quadrature and the Universe

Least Squares

Least Squares and Engine-Cooling (NASA Report)
Application of Nonlinear Least Squares to Ground-Water Flow Modeling
Application to Nanoscale Indentation of Polymeric Materials

Nonlinear Equations

Using Nonlinear Equations for Flipping Earth's Magnetic Field
Application of Newton's Method to Metal Movement in Soil
Solving Nonlinear Equations and Robot Soccer!


Optimization & Computer Graphics
Optimal Control of Robots
Optimization & Investments (Portfolio Optimization)
Designing a Suspension System with Optimization
Optimization & Subways
NEOS Server for Solving Optimization Problems over the Internet!


Chemical Reactions and Differential Equations
The 3-Body Problem and Orbits (Start here for a problem description.)
IVP's and Capitalism

Other: Meshing

Meshing in Entertainment and Engineering