Week of March 20

Special Instructions

Due to a family emergency, the structure of this week has been rearranged.

As you may have heard, I am dealing with a death in the family this week and need to be away for the entire week. So we are restructuring this week as follows.

All activities with respect to the technical prototype will proceed as normal. You will still present on Monday and Tuesday. You will still playtest on Thursday. Anne Bracy will be helping with the presentations on Monday, while Traci Nathans-Kelly will be managing the class on Tuesday. As these are all presentations/critiques we will be taking attendance on all three days.

The remaining two days were originally intended to be lectures. Instead, these will be workdays, meaning that class will be open office hours for you to come in an ask questions. It is also a guaranteed time that your team is all available to meet, so you can all get together and work on the game.

For the lectures themselves, we have posted the lecture videos recorded for COVID. These are not great videos, as we were a little burnt out after making videos for 1110. But they will have to do to keep us on track. If your game uses non-trivial AI, you really need to watch to these.

Your deliverables for the week are the same as before. We want a release of your technical prototype, as well as your two-week report.