CS/INFO 3152: Introduction to Computer Game Development

Critique 2
Level Design

Your second critique this semester will be on the level design activities that you have worked on for the past two communication labs. As with the previous critique, we will pair you up with another group (this time in Discord) and you will discuss and critique your ideas.

We will pair groups up at the beginning of class using the general channels (both voice and chat). Because of the way the channels are created, we have to invert things a bit. If a group is presenting its level design ideas, you must go to the playtesting channel of that group (even though you are not actually playtesting). We will make announcements at the start of class to make this easier.

The presenters should start by sharing their level design building blocks. One person should share their screen with visuals so that everyone can have a better idea of what is going on. After sharing the building blocks, the presenters should then show off what a level looks like.

Once that is finished the other group should not immediately switch to their presentation. Instead, we want the listening group to see if they can use these building blocks to build a level in the other game. This will help you understand how intuitive your level design is.

Once this back-and-forth is finished, then you can swap and the second group can present their building blocks. You can switch to the other playtesting channel or stay in the same channel if you wish.