CS/INFO 3152: Introduction to Computer Game Development

Communication Lab 8
Work Day

Due: Not Turned In

You have a lot of things coming up. You have the architecture specification (which I am notoriously harsh on first drafts) and design specification. And you have the technical prototype coming up. Instead of piling more work on you, we decided to give you a workday to work on all this.

Please take advantage of the fact that Traci and the TAs will be on hand. If you are having trouble with something, ask them for help. If you have part of your technical prototype completed, you may even want them to playtest it to give you early feedback.

Architecture Specification

We are a tad concerned that some of you are not taking this document seriously. This document is long and I am notoriously harsh on the first draft. I have had semesters with means in the 30s. I take an hour to grade each of these documents, and you certainly will not write it that fast. In addition to the CRC tables, you have the activity diagram and the serialization model. If you have not started that, split up the work.

To make sure you are on track, expect the TAs to circle around the room and ask you how far along you are in your specification.