CS/INFO 3152: Introduction to Computer Game Development

Communication Lab 4
Gameplay Specification

Due: Not Turned In

By now you should have finished with your nondigital prototype, even if you have not yet presented it in class. You should now be thinking about your gameplay specification which is due this weekend. By now you should have received feedback on both your mechanics from a previous communication lab. We want you to make these ideas precise in a more formal document.

If you are stuck on figuring outyour mechanics, please call on a staff member to come over and help you. They have all been through this process several times and they can help you when you are stuck.

Gameplay Specification

The gameplay specification is just a formalization of the exercise that you did in the second communication lab. You need to specify your actions and interactions, as well as your basic challenges. You do not need to specify everything that will be in the game; we understand that it is still early. But we need to have enough mechanics for their to be a recognizable game here.

In writing your gameplay specification, please pay close attention to the writing guidelines. This document often has the worst violations all semester, particularly because students do not use tables properly. If you have any questions about whether your document is formatted correctly, ask Traci or a staff member.

Nondigital Postmortem

If you have already presented your nondigital prototype, we want you to think about the lessons that you learned and incorporate them in your gameplay specification. We are not asking for any extra work here. We simply would like you to have a 5-10 minute discussion about what worked with your prototype and what did not. If you know that a mechanic is going to require a lot more playtesting, we would like you to specify that in your gameplay specification.


There is nothing to turn in for this communication lab. Instead, you should submit your gameplay specification this weekend.