CS/INFO 3152: Introduction to Computer Game Development

Communication Lab 10
Level Design (Assembling)

Due: Saturday, April 9th at 11:59 pm

The focus of today's lab is to continue the level design work that you did in the previous communication lab. In the previous lab, you identified building blocks (also known as design patterns) for your level design. Now it is time to put these together into a single lab.

While this is going on, the TAs will be circling the room and occassionally giving their own feedback on your discussion. If anything is unclear about this assignment, or the document in general, please ask them. They have been through this process before (some of the TAs have done this multiple times).

Lab Format

If you are unhappy with your building blocks from the previous communication lab, feel free to spend the first part of the class coming up with a few more.

However, we want you to spend the majority of the class time creating an interesting level. You can do this by arranging your building blocks in a sequence. With that said, the best design takes place when you can combine building blocks together simultaneously. We gave several examples of this in commercial genres in the previous lab.

That is all we have to say -- make a level. To give you some idea of what to do, here are some examples from previous semesters.


Winner of Most Polished Game in the Spring 2014 Showcase, Dash has incredible level design. Look at how they put everything together in this document. This document also shows that you do not need fancy art for your level design, so a quick sketch during lab is very possible.


Winner of Most Innovative Game in the Spring 2014 Showcase, Ribbons is a platformer where the player controls both a character and a ribbon threaded throughout the level. The ribbon allows players to move platformers toward them instead of relying only on jumping challenges. The intermediate level here is very solid, and a good show of what this game was able to accomplish.

Beck & Chuck

Another popular game from the Spring 2014 Showcase, Beck & Chuck was an action platformer where the player could throw a returning ball. It had several standard platforming challenges like jumping and wall climbing. With that said, the level design was very smooth and it kept the action going at all times.


Due: Saturday, April 9th at 11:59 pm

As with the previous lab, we would like you to turn in your notes for this lab so that we can give you some feedback. Once again, limit yourself to the work that you do in the lab. Someone should sketch the level during lab (you can use boxes and circles; we do not need professional artwork). Scan this sketch or take a phone picture. Submit this sketch as level (it can be any format) in CMS. You only need to submit this file once for the entire group.

You will notice that the deadline for submission is the same as the previous lab. That is because we want these two submissions to be together in CMS.