CS/INFO 3152: Introduction to Computer Game Development

Report 5
Final Release Report

Due: Friday, May 13th at 4:59 am

This two week-report covers what you did to get ready for final release. You know the drill by now; this report will have exactly the same format of the previous one. You will have another CATME survey asking how you worked as a group. In addition, you should fill out a short report documenting what tasks were completed and what tasks you will need to complete for Showcase (should any be necessary).

Again, refer to the example below if you are unsure of how to structure the report. If you received any negative comments about your previous report, you should address those this time. We do not want reports to be revised; we always want to be moving forward. However, we will take off for mistakes that are made twice in a row.

Progress Report

Your report is divided into two halfs: the progress report and predictions for the next milestone. In the first part, you should begin with a short description of what the entire group did for these past two weeks. Obviously you worked on the beta release and game manual. However, did you do anything else? In particular, what type of effort went into your level design? Have you do any playtesting yet?

This description should be no more than a paragraph or two. After this summary, you should begin a more detailed breakdown for each individual on the team.

Activity Breakdown

For each team member you need to create a subsection. At the start of the subsection you should give short description of the primary responsbilities of that team member over the course of this prototype. This needs be no longer than a paragraph.

After this paragraph, provide a table where each row consists of the following:

  • An individual task that the team member worked on or was supposed to work on
  • Whether or not this task was completed, and the data completed if appropriate.
  • The estimate of hours from the previous two week report
  • The actual of the number of hours spent on that task

Note that this is different from the previous two week report. Now you are comparing your predictions from the previous report to what actually happened. This is exactly what the example report does, so you should look at it if you have any questions.

After the table, you should provide the total number of hours that this person worked over this reporting period. Please be honest here. We never count off for not working "enough" hours. However, hours give us an idea of who is being productive and who is not. This allows us to make suggestions for improvement in later milestones.

Showcase Predictions

Technically class is finished; there is no requirement for you to keep working on your game. Ideally, you should just need to clean up bugs and make sure that the game will run in the ACCEL lab. If this is the case, just write a quick paragraph at the end of the report saying that you are done, and why you feel no more work is necessary.

However, if it is not in the state to earn the grade that you desire, then you probably need to do some more work. If that is the case, then we need one more future prediction from you: the week before Showcase.

There are no hours requirements for this week; we know that many of you have finals and so it is unfair to require a set amount of hours. All work in this week should be voluntary and as much as the team member is willing to give. However, if a team member is going to work, tell us what they will do, and how long it will take.

The format for the predictions should be exactly the same format as the activity breakdown. That is, have a subsection for each team member. For each person, give a short description of their primary responsbility. Then give a table with the list of activities and hours.


The example linked above is an (edited) version of a two-week report submitted by the game Dispossessed in Spring 2015. We have removed the parts of the report that are no longer relevant for this year. What remains is exactly what we are looking for in a two-week report.

This report is taken from later in the semester, as the team had really gotten into a grove at this point and was submitting excellent reports. As a result, the progress report compares the number of hours worked to the hours predicted. You did not make any predictions before this report, and so this is not relevant. But we want everything else.


Due: Friday, May 13th at 4:59 am

You should submit a PDF file called report. Again, we ask that the file be a PDF so that we cannot annotate it in order to return it to you with feedback for possible revision. It is fine if you create the document in a program like Microsoft Word, but you should convert it to PDF before submission.