CS/INFO 3152: Introduction to Computer Game Development

Assignment 16
Final Release

Due: Wednesday, May 11th at 11:59 pm

During the last week of class, you will present the "final" release of your game. This will be your last presentation before the GDIAC Showcase, which will follow a week later. While it is okay to make minor changes between the final presentation and Showcase (your final project grade will be determined by what you turn in at Showcase), the game that you present as your final release should be something that you are comfortable making available for download.


This presentation is significantly longer than the others. Your group will have 25 minutes to present your game. Most of this time should be spent playing the game. You should take us through the early levels and discuss how your level progression works. We have seen individual levels from you; now we want to see how they fit together. Your progressions should either mirror what you showed us in your level design document, or you should explain why it has changed.

The last 5-7 minutes of your presentation should be a slide presentation that provides a postmortem of your game production. A postmortem is a review of your game development process. In the postmortem, you identify the following:

  • What you wanted to do at the very beginning.
  • What you were actually able to achieve and how it differed.
  • What prevented you from achieving those goals.
  • What you would have done differently if you could do it again.

To give you some idea of the types of questions you should be answering, here are some postmortems for a couple of commercial games. These are clearly essay format, which is not what we want. We just want slides from you with the high-level bullet points. In other words, your slides should look like the bolded parts of these essays and you should talk about the non-bolded parts.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

This is a very recent postmortem for the relaunch of the classic RPG Baldur's Gate (published in 2000) on tablets and modern OS's. The sequel to this game (which is in development for tablets by the same team) is considered by many people to be one of the greatest western RPGs ever made.


This independent game was the 2005 winner for Technical Excellence at the Independent Games Festival. It is simple and straight-forward.


Oasis was the winner of the IGF's 2004 Game of the Year and Innovation in Game Design awards in the web/downloadable category. It has also been used as a case study in past semesters of CIS 3000.

Presentation Schedule

In order to give 25 minutes to every group, we historically spread the presentations out as two groups a class over a period of four days. Because of the new schedule, this is no longer possible (slope day is on a Thursday instead of a Friday). Therefore, we need to make up two additional hours during the last week of class.

The opinion in class is that Monday and Wednesday evening are the best times to make it up. If you have a conflict with these times, and cannot make it, let us know ahead of time. We will excuse such absences, but we will take attendance normally.

Because of the number of games, a lot of these games are still being shown off in section. We really would like for everyone to see as much of each other's games as possible; you are going to be too busy at Showcase to really see what each other has done. Therefore, if it is possible you to show up outside of section, we recommend (but do not require) that you do so, in order to offer support to your classmates.

One last time, the schedule is as follows:

Monday (May 4)

Lecture (10:10-11:00)

  • The Beige Gang (Mount Sputnick)
  • Game Brigade (Downstream)

Evening Session for 201 (4:30-5:20 in Phillips 203)

  • Team Ramen Studio (Sandglass)
  • Magic Studios (Deserted)

Tuesday (May 5)

Section 201 (11:15-12:05)

  • Intertidal (Shoal Storm)
  • Tempest (Sync)

Section 202 (12:20-1:10)

  • Blueberry Gloom (RoboControl)
  • EleventhKnight (Teddington)

Wednesday (May 6)

Lecture (10:10-11:00)

  • Luxophobia (Brought to Light)
  • SmokeStack (District 12)

Evening Session for 202 (4:30-5:20 in Gates 122)

  • Matchbox (Aiden)
  • Serendipity Productions (Fara Heim)


Due: Wednesday, May 11th at 11:59 pm

We do not want your game turned in for this assignment; this allows you to polish off any rough edges by Showcase. However, we do want your slides turned in for this presentation. Submit a file called postmortem. This file should be a PDF, just like all previous submissions.

Furthermore, you should not forget to turn in your last two week report. This will help us in determining final grades at the end of the course.