CS/INFO 3152: Introduction to Computer Game Development

Assignment 10
Technical Prototype

Demo: Monday, March 21st at 10:10 am
Due: Saturday, March 26th at 11:59 pm

Your second presentation is your technical prototype. Unlike the gameplay prototype, the technical prototype should be an "evolutionary" prototype. The code that you demonstrate for this prototype should find its way back into your final project. That means that a useful thing to have for this prototype would be (nearly) completed character controls with a few challenges to overcome. You can do also do a level-editor if you wish, though we typically delay this to alpha release.

Ideally, you would like your technical prototype to be a solution to a particular problem unique to your game. You should not be able to get away with copying code from the labs (copy code is fine, but it is not the only thing you should do). For example, if your technical prototype shows off the physics, what were the unique challenges that you ran into when designing the physics that differed from lab 4. Is there a graphical challenge that you are trying to solve, such as modeling water? Whatever it is, pick something and make it the centerpiece of your presentation.

Class Presentation

As with the last prototype, you should be prepare a 5-8 minute demonstration of your prototype. Once again, this can be an ad-hoc presentation where one person plays the prototype while another provides running commentary. We will ask that you get more formal with the next release (alpha release). Right now, the only requirement is that you clearly show off what the prototype does, and discuss your reason for building this particular prototype.

You will actually have 12 minutes for your demonstration, but we will reserve some of that time for questions from the TAs and the audience. As part of your presentation, you should be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What is the technical challenge being addressed by this prototype?
  • What is unique about your game that kept you from just copying code?
  • Are there any other technical solutions that might have worked?
  • Why did you pick this solution over the others?
  • What are your plans for the alpha release after Spring break?

As you can see from looking at the calendar, this presentation will take place over two days: will take place over two days: the Monday lecture and the Tuesday lab. This is intended to give you long enough to present and answer questions.

As with the gameplay prototype, this means that we are packing four groups into each class time slot. You must show up on time for class. We had people showing up 10, maybe 15 minutes late to class for the gameplay prototypes. Being this late means that miss you an entire group presentation.

The projector requires either a VGA input or HDMI input, so someone on your team will need to bring a laptop (and adapter if necessary) to present on. If that is not going to work, the please let the instructor know ahead od time.

So that know when to bring your laptop, the presentation schedule is as follows:

Monday (March 21)

  • 4loppy-4ish (Shoal Storm)
  • Team Ramen Studio (OverUnder)
  • EleventhKnight (Shattered)
  • Serendipity Productions (Gravity Orb)

Tuesday (March 22)

Section 201 (11:15-12:05)

  • Group 3 (Rise)
  • Tempest (Sync)
  • Magic Studios (Deserted)
  • Luxophobia (Brought to Light)

Section 202 (12:20-1:10)

  • Game Brigade (Downstream)
  • Blueberry Gloom (Phantasm)
  • Group 10 (Cavern Crawlers)
  • Matchbox (Aiden)


Due: Saturday, March 26th at 11:59 pm

As with the gameplay prototype, we ask you to turn in your prototype. This should be a rough snapshot of your game. As this is an evolutionary prototype, it should be in LibGDX this time. Hence we want you to send us an executable JAR, just like you did with the labs.

In addition, you should not forget to turn in your second two week report. This will allow us to see how you are organizing you time, and make suggestions for future milestones.