CS/INFO 3152: Introduction to Computer Game Development


We will continue to post assignments over the course of the semester. You should check back in this space at the beginning of each week for the new assignments.

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Project Assignments

Project assignments are the core of this course. They are intended to keep you focused towards completion of your game. They include both the intermediate prototypes and the documents that you are expected to prepare throughout the course.

Assignment Task Deadline
Assignment 0 Group Orientation 01/30/16
Assignment 1 Group Charter 02/06/16
Assignment 2 Concept Document 02/13/16
Assignment 3 Nondigital Prototype 02/24/16
Assignment 4 Gameplay Specification 02/27/16
Assignment 5 Milestone Document 03/05/16
Assignment 6 Content Repository 03/05/16
Assignment 7 Gameplay Prototype 03/07/16
Assignment 8 Architecture Specification 03/19/16
Assignment 9 Design Specification 03/19/16
Assignment 10 Technical Prototype 03/21/16
Assignment 11 Document Revision 04/09/16
Assignment 12 Alpha Release 04/11/16
Assignment 13 Game Manual 04/23/16
Assignment 14 Beta Release 04/25/16
Assignment 15 Final Document Portfolio 05/07/16
Assignment 16 Final Release 05/09/16
Assignment 17 GDIAC Showcase 05/20/16

Two-Week Reports

The two-week reports are intended to help the course staff monitor both group and individual progress over the course of the semester. You are expected to submit a two-week report after every intermediate prototype submission. The two week report is both a short group-written assignment and an individual response on CATME

Report Task Deadline
Report 1 Gameplay Prototype Report 03/12/16
Report 2 Technical Prototype Report 03/26/16
Report 3 Alpha Complete Report 04/16/16
Report 4 Beta Complete Report 04/30/16
Report 5 Final Release Report 05/13/16
Report 6 Peer Evaluations 05/22/16

Submission Guidelines:

Submissions are made using CMS.

There are a few guidelines for submissions:

  • They should be coherent and understandable.
  • We must be in the correct format (typically .pdf or .zip).
  • All academic integrity rules apply.