CS/INFO 3152: Introduction to Computer Game Development

CS/INFO 3152

Introduction to Computer Game Development

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Course Description

CS 3152: Introduction to Computer Game Architecture/INFO 3152: Introduction to Computer Game Design
Prerequisites for programmers: CS 2110 (or permission of the instructor).
Prerequisites for designers: INFO 2450 and/or submission of art/design portfolio to instructor.
Spring. 4 Credits, Student Option

Meeting time: (MWF) 10:10-11:00 in Upson 361 (Unless otherwise noted)

A project-based course in which programmers and designers collaborate to make a computer game. This course investigates the theory and practice of developing computer games from a blend of technical, aesthetic, and cultural perspectives. Technical aspects of game architecture include software engineering, artificial intelligence, game physics, computer graphics, and networking. Aesthetic and cultural include art and modeling, sound and music, game balance, and player experience.

Students interested in the programming aspects of game development may take either the CS or the INFO listing of this course. Artists and designers must take the INFO listing.

This course satisfies the technical writing requirement in the School of Engineering.