CS312 Sample Exams

Note: The material that we cover and the order in which we cover the material change from semester to semester, so the sample prelims may not cover the same material as we are covering this semester. They are there to give you some practice and to give you an idea of what exam questions have looked like in the past.

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Semester Prelim 1 Prelim 2 Final
2001 Fall exam (solutions) exam (solutions)
2002 Spring exam (solutions) exam (solutions)
2002 Fall exam (solutions) exam (solutions)
2003 Spring exam (solutions) exam (solutions) exam (solutions)
2003 Fall not available not available
2004 Spring exam (solutions) exam (solutions)
2004 Fall not available not available
2005 Spring exam (solutions) exam (solutions) exam (solutions)
2005 Fall exam (solutions) exam (solutions)
2006 Spring exam (solutions) exam (solutions)
2006 Fall exam (solutions)