CS312 Assignments

Picking Up Problem Sets:  Normally, problem set submission is online. Graded assignments and exams and regrade forms can be picked up from the homework distribution room in Upson 363C.  You must have a valid picture ID. (Sorry, you may not pick up your friends' homework for them.  Cornell takes academic privacy very seriously.)

Regrades:  Regrades must be submitted within two weeks after the return of the assignment.  In order to qualify for a regrade, you must obtain a regrade form, fill it out, and staple it to the front of your assignment. Submit your regrade to one of the TA's or consultants at the consulting/office hours.  If the form is missing or not stapled to the front, we will not regrade it. Regrade forms are available outside the undergraduate office (Upson 303) , or from the homework distribution room (Upson 363C).

Grading Conventions: The grade for each problem is written at the the beginning of the problem.  A circled S denotes a violation of a style rule; see the style guide.

Downloading Files: To download files, click on the links below. You can also download them from the CMS, however if you are not registered for CS 312 in the CMS you will not be able to download the files. Please contact the course staff if you can't download the file.

Submitting Files: You will use the Course Management System (CMS), located at http://cms.csuglab.cornell.edu/ to to submit assignments. If you do not see CS 312 as one of your courses in the system, please contact the course staff to be added. To submit the files, click the submit button for the appropriate assignment. On the next page, use the browse button to select the files you would like to submit, and hit upload to submit the files. You may submit as many times as you wish, but only your last submission will be used for grading.

Problem Set 1: An Introduction to SML. Due: September 8, 11:59pm
[ Solutions ].

Problem Set 2: Data Structures. Due: September 22, 11:59pm
[ Source files: ps2files.zip ]   [ Solutions ]. [ Paper about binomial queues ].

Problem Set 3: Higher Order Programming . Due: Thursday, October 6, 11:59:59 pm
[ Source files: ps3files.zip ].

Problem Set 4: Code transformations and Induction . Due: Thursday, October 27, 11:59:59 pm
[ Source files: ps4source.zip ]. [ Solutions ].

Project: Phase I. CL Interpreter . Due: Thursday, November 17, 11:59:59 pm
[ Source files: projectSources.zip ].

Problem Set 5: Recurrences and Type Inference. Due: Thursday, December 1, 11:59:59 pm

Project: Phase II. ML-Man . Due: Tuesday, December 6, 11:59:59 pm
[ Source files ].