Office Hours

We offer consulting hours and TA office hours. The professor also holds office hours. No office/consulting hours are held during breaks. Office/consulting hours end on the last day of classes.

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Consulting Hours

The primary purpose of consulting hours is help with assignments. Consultants and TAs are usually on duty Monday–Thursday 12:00pm–11:59, Friday 12:00–5:00pm, and Sunday 12:00pm–11:59pm. To rendezvous with a consultant or TA, go to QueueMeIn or type in the #consulting-hours channel on Slack.

Professor Office Hours

My office hours are primarily intended for introduction (you want to visit me so we can get to know each other a little), curiosity (you want to know how to go beyond the course materials in some way and learn more), mentoring (you want advice on your CS studies), diagnostics (you are struggling with the course and would like to identify strategies for improvement—I’m very much here to help you!), and so forth. My office hours are not intended for debugging programming assignments, for tutorials on lectures you missed, or for other issues that consultants and undergrad TAs are equipped to handle.

Prof. Foster’s office hours (Zoom):