Regrades and Appeals

Regrades. Regrades submitted after the announced deadline will be denied without consideration of their merits. If there is something you do not understand about your grading comments, we encourage you to talk in person with the original grader or your section TA; such conversations are likely to result in better outcomes both on that regrade request and on later assignments.

Appeals. If you cannot reach a satisfactory conclusion with your original grader, you may appeal to the Appeals TA, who is identified in the syllabus. The deadline for submitting an appeal is one week after the regrade deadline passes.

  1. Prepare an appeal by filling out this form. Your appeal needs to demonstrate that there was a serious error in grading, and that you understand the correct answer.

  2. Arrange a meeting with the Appeals TA and submit a hardcopy of the appeal form to them. They will ask you to explain the appeal to them at that meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to make sure they understand your appeal. The purpose of the form is to serve as documentation.

  3. After the meeting has concluded, the Appeals TA (in consultation with the professor) will review your entire solution—not just the part you were appealing—and make a decision about a grade change. Your grade might increase, decrease, or remain unchanged as a result of the additional scrutiny the appeal causes.

Using appeals to indulge in “grade grubbing” is unwise and will be noticed by the professor.